Spacesaver Library Renovation

Together with Spacesaver, Interior Solutions is committed to providing better access to books, online resources, classes and equipment in libraries.

The public library in DeKalb, Illinois recently underwent a major renovation and expansion project to make its selections easy to navigate for all library patrons. For example, the library staff knew that a spine-out display works best for teens and adults, but in order for children to make their selection they need to see the book covers.

Obviously, face-out display required a lot more space, but this remained a must for the DeKalb Library, so Spacesaver installed rows upon rows of child-height browsing bins on cantilever frames to accomplish DeKalb’s goal and maximize storage space.

Since the renovation, the library has seen a 240 percent increase in new library cards! To improve the organization of your town’s library (and support education – whoo!), give us a call today!