Kristy Henderson

Director of Human Resources, UT + AZ


HR extraordinaire, certified Life & Business Coach, and all-around ray of sunshine. 

With Interior Solutions since 2008.


In short, Kristy is a unicorn. But we’ll expound.

She’s smart (Master’s from Villanova smart), she’s a lady boss (i.e., on our company executive team), she’s a mom to a slew of kids and a farm of animals (or is it slew of animals and farm of kids?), she plays the piano, she sings, she scrapbooks, she has model legs…should we stop?

No. Ok, so she also has a listening ear, an empathic heart, a sound mind and consistently solid advice. She cries with our hurt, celebrates our wins and champions our growth…and we are better people with her on our side. We are better with her light.

SPHR and business coach certified.

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