Ergonomic Accessories in the Workplace


In our furniture and design world [where everything is rainbows and butterflies!], we’re continually taking note of what inspires, compels, changes and motivates — and time and time again, we’re finding company culture and vibe as a common denominator among us all. Turns out, we’re all concerned how our work environment motivates productivity and morale. We all want a place that attracts the talent and inspires the tenured. All of us are wishing for just a little more engagement.

Consider how a total office outfitting plays a part, therein:
An automotive company invested in a workplace ergonomics overhaul and reported 20,000 hours saved from previously lost time attributed to discomfort. An insurance provider saw a $620,000 increase in measured productivity after bringing in ergonomic work tools. And a manufacturing company increased employee interaction and satisfaction by re-building with contemporary interior design.


Private office, pre-outfitting


Same office, post-outfitting

Appropriate office outfitting is a game changer in employee engagement, inspiration, productivity and motivation! Ergonomic accessories like monitor arms, desk lighting, keyboard trays and organizational tools improve the way we work, inherently adding positivity to our company cultures! Throw pillows, chat boards, art work and interior graphics and signage yield the same compelling benefits. These are small, simple adjustments that provide hugely favorable results for companies, and Interior Solutions can assist in bringing them into your work place!

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