Flex Space for Offices

kimball xsede

Pictured above: Kimball Office Xsede benching system and Wish seating

It’s back-to-school time, and that means kids’ schedules will get busier, making working parents’ days even more hectic. We understand the madness of getting the kids to school, the importance of staying involved in their day-to-day activities, and the delicacy of balancing that all with a workload. We’re here to show how a functional office environment can help make the most of your time! Interior Solutions offers flexible space furnishings for flexible days, or for those in-and-out and come-and-go balancing needs.

Touch-down space pictured above: National Office WaveWorks table and Essay task stools

Touch-down space pictured above: National Office WaveWorks table and Essay task stools

The need for flexible space is met by providing a diverse environment with easily accessible touch-down spaces that offer reliable connectivity and the freedom to adapt to one’s personal work style. Interior Solutions offers reconfigurable pieces, including rolling privacy panels and set-on-surface privacy screens, that allow for collaboration with other colleagues or for individualized, focused work.

Working while school’s in session also means warding off illnesses children pick-up at school…and share with absolutely everyone else. We offer sanitization centers in freestanding, wall-mounted or rolling cart varieties that are useful for offices with shared workspaces, lobbies and waiting rooms.

peter pepper

Pictured above: Peter Pepper healthFIRST Freestanding Infection Prevention Center

Enhance employee satisfaction by accommodating flexibility, personal work style and health in the office! Contact us to partner together in constructing the ideal workspace for your busy employees’ lives!

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