Functional Furniture for a Break from the Daily Grind

In the past, one commonly overlooked area of the workplace was in the employee breakroom.  No longer solely a place for reheating yesterday’s dinner before heading straight back to your desk, today’s breakroom is an enjoyable place for workers to relax and recharge without leaving the office.  But escaping the daily grind isn’t the only reason for a comfortable, efficient breakroom.  These areas are turning into productivity centers, places where workers can form connections, exchange ideas and develop friendships… all in an area where they won’t disrupt others.

Today’s modern breakroom achieves this friendly, engaging camaraderie by following the collaborative office trend and becoming a hub for sit down lunches, office celebrations, informal presentations and spontaneous gatherings for both social and business.

National Office Furniture Jewel chairs are comfortable, mobile and easy to clean!

These spontaneous run-ins, in a time when it’s common to come and go from the office frequently, can provide informal, friendly human interaction that can lead to impromptu meetings which are proving to be an important spark in creative problem solving.  In order to create the environment that will encourage these gatherings, the breakroom should have comfortable, functional furnishings that create an inviting atmosphere to bring out a natural opportunity for employees to stop and interact over coffee or a quick lunch.


Kimball Villa seating is a comfortable place for relaxing or coffee chats.

Upgrading furniture in your office breakroom may seem like an insignificant improvement, but the employee satisfaction benefits and productivity are substantial. Interior Solutions offers several furniture options and in many colors and finishes to enhance the vibrancy and feel of your breakroom.  If your breakroom needs a facelift, contact us for inspiration or drop by our showrooms and meet our friendly staff!