Active Office Environments

“Sitting disease” is a real thing and it affects office workers everywhere! While devoting time to exercise after hours can help reduce possible side effects of sitting for long periods of time (like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes…yikes!), research reveals that the key to combatting sitting disease is to incorporate movement into daily office life.

Here are a few suggestions that encourage employees to get up and active during the work day!

Make staircases attractive.

If your office has a staircase, give it some life…and employees will do the same! Attractive staircases beat out elevators (and a few calories!) all the time.


DIRTT Breathe living walls beautify and detoxify interior spaces and stairwells.













Install multiple collaboration spaces.

Communal working lounges give employees a reason to take their tasks to a new area! The walk from desk to collaboration space = exercise (yay!) and the new environment = an energized mind (double yay!)


Pairings by Kimball Office creates spaces within spaces.













Provide a variety of workspaces.

From exercise balls to standing desks and treadmill desks, there are now more options than ever for employees to switch body positions throughout the day and gain control over their work environment.


Via Muvman makes sitting and standing healthy, fun and dynamic!













Have a dog-friendly office.

In addition to lowering employee stress levels and boosting their moods, a dog-friendly office optimizes opportunities for exercise, giving pet owners a quick walk-and-recharge break and mid-day sunshine boost.












Until next time, thanks for reading!