Holiday Health

The age old holiday question is upon us: How can we act and feel as jolly as old Saint Nick this season without gaining the same belly (don’t get me wrong, it looks great on Santa… but not so good on the rest of us).













Here are a few suggestions for how to limit the extra pounds but not the holiday cheer.

Everything in moderation!

Sounds like a no brainer, but too many people think it’s all or nothing! You don’t have to stand back and eat carrots like Rudolph at parties, but you also don’t have to (and shouldn’t) try every single one of the cookies on the table.

Skip the whipped cream on holiday drinks.

This is a quick and easy cut back that will save you 100 calories!

Bundle up and walk around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights, instead of driving.

Being a little chilly burns calories, and so does walking. Duh.

Keep up your normal workout regimen (to an extent).

If you normally hit the gym three times a week for an hour long sesh, but can’t find time for that during the holidays, cut your time back (but not the days!). Just because you don’t have an hour to exercise doesn’t mean you get an excuse out of a 20 minute workout, too!

Interior Solutions hopes you can find just the right amount of will power to enjoy the holiday season without damaging your waistline!