Don’t Miss a Beat – Hospital Bed Storage

October 1, 2014

Here’s a thing we know:

Blockage kills, and flow matters.

We know it in the workplace, on the assembly line, in our communication with each other and our clients.
We know it in our bodies, in the way our heart pumps, in the way our blood cycles.
And we know it in hospitals, in hospital hallways, along the path from doctor to patient—we know that blockage kills, flow matters, and a free and clear aisle to a patient can make the difference between “made it” and “missed the last beat.”

Interior Solutions offers hospital bed storage to eliminate hallway blockages and decongest areas and aisles lined with beds not in use. Our bed storage unit—called a bed lift—stacks and stores beds on top of each other so that vertical, centralized space is used to house beds instead of functional, operating, hallway or patient room space.

No bed storage (left) vs. bed storage (right)

hospital-without-bed-storage  hospital-bed-storage





The bed lift stores 2-5 hospital beds on top of each other—one by one, beds are rolled onto the lift and automatically raised to the highest available bed position, filling the storage unit from top to bottom. Interior Solutions offers lifts for both standard hospital beds and heavy-duty beds.

Our hospital bed storage units save space, cut costs, centralize beds and remove potential fire hazards inherent to clogged corridors. The lifts increase access to and efficiency of locating working and ready beds for patients.

We’ll dive into implications, technical details, installs and cost-effectiveness of bed storage in the coming weeks, but between now and then, feel free to give us a buzz or stop by one of our showrooms and see the bed lift in action! Additional information on the bed lifts can be found here.

Thanks for reading! We hope to see you soon!