Less is More with ActivRac

Storage of heavy items can be a real pain in the neck. As your company expands your inventory may double, but doubling the size of your storage space is neither cheap nor easy. Fortunately, if you’re in this predicament, you don’t even need to put on your thinking cap, because Spacesaver has already come up with a prize winning solution!  ActivRac maximizes your space and organizes your equipment so that nothing is ever out of reach.








Just mount new or existing shelves onto one of ActivRac’s mobile carriages, which is equipped to hold up to 16,000 pounds! Whenever you need to retrieve one of those heavy duty pieces of equipment, simply bush a button and a temporary aisle will appear. When you’ve got what you need, push the button again and the racks will come back together to save space.








If you want to see ActivRac in action, stop by one of our offices located in Phoenix or Salt Lake City and ask for a tour of our warehouse!