Lounge & Specialty Seating

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There’s the first impression, and then there’s every visit thereafter, and we think they all count. Our reception furniture and design brings together striking and memorable, and comfort and function, so your visitors will always want to return.

We offer office couches, lobby desks, reception tables, lounge seating, space dividers, presentation products and storage units that are customized for your entry and receiving space. We provide lounge chairs and two- and three- seat couches for lobby and reception areas. We also provide modular sectional seating and free form lounge arrangement seating to accommodate both smaller and larger seating spaces.

Our reception seating also includes side and guest chairs to complement design and provide extra seating. As always, the materials and colors or patterns are your choice, and unlimited those choices are.

Stop by one of our showrooms in Salt Lake City, Utah or Phoenix, Arizona so we can get started creating an environment and ambiance to welcome your guests!

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