Off-Site Archival Storage

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Interior Solutions offers off-site archival storage for a variety of facilities and functions, including library depositories, archive facilities, records storage and special collections.

We can help move and store high-density materials like books, journals and boxes off-site, and we do so with our XTend Mobile High Bay System. It allows for your critical space to be more effectively used, while efficiently storing volumes of materials and maintaining easy access to them elsewhere.

The XTend system for off-site archival storage features automatic retrieval of materials, fire-safe protection and security measures to keep your stored stuff safe through the long-haul! Material protection is our guarantee, and we’d love to work through those details with you!

Interior Solutions has offices in Salt Lake City, UT and Phoenix, AZ (Spacesaver high-density storage systems only available in Arizona). Please stop by during business hours, or call or email with questions about outfitting a facility with off-site archival storage! We’d love to brainstorm solutions with you!