Outfitting Environments for Education

Summer break’s turned back-to-school, and we’re feeling nostalgic for pencil pouches and first day jitters! Here’s to the days before Gameboys and PlayStations, to the times we first discovered imagination in reading!

…and in the name of back-to-school, and reading, learning and imagination, we’re spotlighting some of our favorite education environments and solutions!

Foam seating provides a creative way to increase children’s engagement and interest in books and lends a durable, whimsical option for libraries, schools and daycare facilities! We offer foam seating in bench and booth arrangements, and in animal, school supply and age-appropriate shapes and styles to help children and adults enjoy reading again.


Media walls are made for the places students gather, brainstorm and download, especially in university or higher education library applications. Both sides of the wall can be outfitted with monitors or marker boards. We love pairing the walls with a lounge setting on one side and a task chair arrangement on the other — that way, more work styles win!


And we can’t talk back-to-school without bringing up sanitation carts! They’re perfect for schools and offices, and in lobbies and work areas, to promote wellness and control infection. Stock with sanitizer, tissues, masks and a trash can to reduce the risk of public contamination!


Please let us know how we can outfit your environment for back-to-school readiness! We have showrooms in Salt Lake and Phoenix, and you’re always welcome there! Or, feel free to shoot us an email anytime!

Thanks for reading!

– The Interior Solutions Crew –
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