Reconfigure, Refresh and Renew

We update our wardrobes, cell phones and Facebook statuses but sometimes we forget to include our environment in our list of updates. Just like a new duvet cover and throw pillows can freshen up a bedroom, new chairs, lighting and accessories can give new life to an old office space. As we head into the New Year, it’s a great time to give your space the revival it needs, without spending an arm and a leg. Here are a few spaces for inspiration!

































Now that the inspiration is flowing, it’s a perfect time to let you know that Interior Solutions’ team of installers can refurbish existing desks, chairs and tables from over 100 different manufacturers. For example, new seat covers and lobby furniture can nudge your color scheme and office design in a more contemporary direction!

Or if you feel like you just want to start fresh instead of refresh, we can manage your move too. We’ll make sure your move stays on track every step of the way by communicating with everyone from the electricians to the painters to the carpet guys. We’ve got you covered.

So whether your space is in need of an update for function or fashion, small adjustments or a total makeover, our in house install team is armed and ready to take it on!