Sound Masking Solutions

The perks of collaborative areas and open plans in the workplace scream loud and proud—they lend increased strategy, listening, support, engagement and creative thought—but they also lend, in high volume and incessant flow, the carrying sound of voices, phone calls and snacking, grazing, chewing. Always. so. much. chewing.

To counter sound and cancel obtrusive noise in open environments, and to give the self-proclaimed misophonia-stricken hope in a workplace of whistlers, sound and acoustical solutions like wall tiles, ceiling panels and sound masking or white noise systems are installed in an office environment. Some of these solutions absorb sound, while others add sound to an environment, but the overall effect is the same—sound control and improved acoustics so team members can maintain privacy in their conversations, concentration in their work and productivity in their efforts.

In updating your office space or adding collaboration to enhance your culture, camaraderie and team work and achievement, you should never feel like you’re choosing between personal connection and employee productivity…you and your team can have it all! And you can have it while maintaining sound control! Attract the talent you want in an environment that produces the results you need by providing an open, collaborative space with bounds on sound!

Need more information? Need to better understand how sound masking works? Give us a call, or shoot us an email! We’d love to look at your space and work out sound solutions with you!

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