Space Saved, Problem Solved

Files, books and documents, oh my! No matter the industry, every office has storage needs. High-density mobile storage from Spacesaver allows you to stay organized and make the most of your space. Much like ActivRac creates temporary aisles in a warehouse, high density mobile storage moves along tracks with the push of a button or the smooth crank of a handle. Think of a secret passageway in a library between two shelves of books; only instead of being surprised with a hidden room or treasure chest, you’ll find the documents you were expecting. Hey, it’s still more exciting than your average shelf, right?


Carriage aisles are accessed with the press of a button for optimum reliability and ease of use.











Mobile carriages move with an easy-to-use handle and a little mechanical assistance.











Mobile carriages are entirely man-powered with an easy-to-use handle.










When you’re ready to join the brilliant libraries, museums, sports teams and police departments that are already using high density mobile storage give us a call at (801) 531-7538 or (480) 413-9656 to speak with someone at our Utah or Phoenix office, respectively.