Summer Vibes for Workplace Design

kimball bright

School’s out for summer!
…but work’s not, so here we are, pasty and productive!

And though we’re spending most of our days indoors, comfort, warmth and good vibes can still be ours! Together, we can spruce up your work environment to invite a lighter, more open feel; to boost summer morale; or to promote culture, collaboration and effective communication among your team! We’ll cue up residential components to add elements of home and belonging at work, and we’ll do it in total alignment with your own brand and ambition. Work should feel bright and sunny and like a place we all want to be, and we’d love to help you accomplish that!


For a fresh and feminine touch, add some pink to the workplace!
[Man cave options are also available] Pictured above: Kimball Office Bloom Seating

Kimball Villa

To boost employee engagement and interaction, consider grouped seating in family-style arrangements!
Pictured above: Kimball Office Villa Seating


To promote a culture of team work, add touch-down meeting pods throughout your space!
Pictured: National Office Mio Table + Whimsy Seating

Need more information? Looking to demo these summer seating options for a few days?! Give us a call, or shoot us an email – we’d love to arrange what you need!

Thanks for reading!

– The Interior Solutions Crew –
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