“Me Time” + Private Office Giveaway

Be you. Do you. For you.

This is not an ego post. Like you, we’re all about clients, coworkers and industry partners. But even with an others-first mentality, we still believe in being nice to self.…and if you do too, that might mean taking yourself out to lunch every now and then, making time to read your favorite book, or trading the social vibes of an open plan with more focused “me time” in a private space. 

This month, Interior Solutions is promoting “me time” by sharing private office concepts and other ways to break up noise and distraction in the office. We’re also giving away a couple pretty sweet prizes! Read to the bottom for more details.

Me time starts now.

Private offices are never one size fits all! A modular design allows for variety in storage and desk options, as well as coordinating occasional tables and guest seating. Create a cohesive space that’s tailored to your personal needs and is as beautiful as it is functional…and then get down to business on your terms! Or, skip the business and cozy up with that book from above in Kimball’s new Theo lounge line. It’s a “me time” must-have!

Pictured: Tessera by National Office
















Pictured: Theo by Kimball Office

















Silence is still (sometimes) golden.

Acoustical panels and ceiling tiles minimize traveling sound and maximize sound privacy in an open office environment (bye, bye annoying crunching, clicking and chatting). With the right acoustical solutions, functionality, design aesthetic and branding all have equal importance. 

Pictured here and below: Turf acoustical solutions






























And should loneliness strike among all the silence and space, turn “me time” into “we time” with some office accessories fit for a crowd (compliments of Interior Solutions!).

Email msnyder@interiorsolutions.net explaining when you prefer to work alone vs. when you prefer to work as part of a team to be entered to win a fully stocked mini fridge or a leather ottoman! Just let us know which prize you are interested in!

As always, thanks for reading and thanks for being YOU!

– The Interior Solutions Squad