Summer Break Makeover

Since spring break has come and gone, teachers and students alike have summer vacay on their minds, but before checking out for a few months, consider the classroom of the 2016-2017 school year.








It’s a challenge and a nuisance to implement big changes on campus while school is in session, so summer break is the perfect time for a few upgrades and refreshments… And we can even make MAJOR renovations happen between the final bell of spring semester and the first open house in August. Check out our client profile on the library at GCU for more insight into what we can accomplish in a short time.

Here at Interior Solutions, we want to support teachers in their quest to mold young minds. For starters, that means providing them with movable white boards for interactive teaching, training chairs and tables, computer lab furniture and storage for libraries to house their extensive book collections.








For a summer education makeover, stop by one of our showrooms in Phoenix or Salt Lake City before the school year ends!