Seating For Every Need. We stand for the good things, for kindness, truth and growth; we stand by each other; we stand tall; but when we sit, we sit in the right chair for the occasion, one with style, that’s perfectly sized and fit for comfort! Seating contributes to communications and collaboration in a work setting, so its design and configuration are critical to team interaction. Residential style and touch-down pods and ottomans are great ways to inspire teaming and bolster culture and morale! Don’t forget guest chairs, task chairs, ergonomic task chairs, reception seating, nooks and crannies and big break rooms!

Academic and Training Room Seating: Ideal for lecture halls or multipurpose rooms, we offer stacking and nesting chairs, drafting stools, chair and desk units, and seat tops affixed to a work surface.

Task Chairs: Go for total customization! Choose your back and seat height; chair tilt; forward seat and back angle; arm height and width; and seat edge.

Executive Chairs: Stylish comfort that naturally adjust to your body’s needs, weight


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