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Interior Solutions offers a variety of architectural solutions; together, we provide an alternative to dry wall and dated construction methods. We offer customizable solutions that yield total design freedom, quick lead times, clean installations and enduring quality… or in other words, fertile ground to lay some roots.

Walk on office flooring that’s fit for function, set for fashion and designed to last. We provide all types of office floor coverings, including carpet and carpet cushion; hardwood; laminate; vinyl, in both industrial and luxury grades; porcelain tile; and commercial-specific solutions. We can help coordinate flooring with office furniture so the ground to grind is seamless!
We help connect your brand with your office furniture and signage, and we do it all in concert with your audience and architecture. We offer strategy, design services, programming, documentation and management for all your interior and exterior signage needs. We also provide install services for architectural graphics and wayfinding signs. Custom wallpaper and graphic panel systems can be used to display what matters most to your company: milestone achievements, key players like employees and founders, or company values and mission.

We help you take advantage of unused overhead office and warehouse areas and build a mezzanine of it, increasing your storage and manufacturer capacities. We offer mezzanine solutions catered to your application and need, be it additional warehouse storage, workstations, catwalks or something in between.

We also offer modular in plant offices. We can help with furniture and design configurations made for in plant offices and structured to fit the surrounding work environment, plant or facilities operation center. Modular in plant offices allow for easy expansion and reconfiguration and provide a simple way for departments to work in proximity to each other, while still centered among operations.


Our modular casework offerings provide variety, tax benefits, and flexibility – ask us how!

For mailrooms, we offer casework sort modules that lock to a frame or stand alone and are available with open backs and doors. We also provide sorting shelves, reader stations that accommodate a computer monitor, bulk sorting units for larger packages, consoles to support sort modules or to stand alone, sorting work surfaces, credenzas, storage units, bookcases and overhead units.

Pharmacy modular casework is strategically designed and installed to provide optimal working heights for pharmacists. As part of pharmacy casework, we also offer gravity-feed drawers with adjustable dividers to house packaging supplies; soft-close drawer fronts; adjustable angle cantilever shelving; and mobile work islands for efficient transport.

Lessen the load for everyone and increase patient room real estate with patient lifts. The lift’s easy planning and installation on a single structural support frees up space in the ceiling for exam and procedure lights and equipment. They receive direct power so they’re always charged and ready for use, along with easy, flexible and effective in-patient repositioning, transfers and turns.

Working conditions don’t always work—like when loud eaters, personal calls or nail clippers come into play—or when sound echoes, or groups of people take on the same sound space. To counter sound and cancel obtrusive noise, we offer sound and acoustical solutions like wall tiles, ceiling panels and sound masking or white noise systems.

Our sound masking technology consists of a series of loudspeakers installed in a grid-like pattern in or above the ceiling and set to output the sound of soft blowing air. Sound frequency and volume can be adjusted for your space so an easy environmental blend occurs.

We also offer acoustical panels and ceiling tiles to minimize traveling sound and maximize sound privacy in an open office environment. There is no need to retrofit existing office layouts since the ceiling tiles are cut around previously installed light and sprinkler heads.


In addition to office furniture and move services, Interior Solutions offers high-density storage solutions for all industry and market types. If you have it, we can find a way to store it! We offer mobile shelving, static shelving and vertical storage, as well as specialized storage systems fit for a specific market—like evidence lockers for public safety and hospital bed storage for healthcare.

High-density storage systems and associated product lines may not be available to Utah customers. Call us to learn what’s available to you.


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