Metal Shelving Systems

Static and Metal Shelving Systems: Choose standard or high-density capacities. Easy to install and configure when moving, expanding or when you want a change.

4-post and Case Type Shelving Systems: These units support universal shelves that are ideal for storing all types of files, books, boxes and bins. From public safety units to libraries and businesses, static shelving systems find universal application!

Cantilever Shelving: Typically used in libraries for housing books and other media.

Wide Span Shelving: Choose this for large, heavy, hand-loaded or bulk storage items from medical, military and gear supplies to shipping and receiving materials. Wire shelving can also accommodate wide and bulky storage.

Spacesaver FrameWRX Storage System: Our most customizable, reconfigurable, modular storage solution. Shelves, bins, pegs, work surfaces and rail elements can be arranged and rearranged without limitation, tools or fasteners. A variety of accessories, colors, textures and materials are also available for additional customization. Exclusive to our Arizona market.

Bin Shelving System: Available in high-density and supply cart options, so across the board, your modular storage system outfits your work, your way.


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