Furniture Purchasing Process

One thing remains constant in every Interior Solutions project: the client comes first! We strive to provide the best service through constant communication, and that starts with making sure the timeline for purchasing furniture is clear.

Step 1: Establish a budget for the project.

TIMING: 1-2 weeks

Step 2: Determine the types and quantities of rooms/stations needed for ideal work functionality.

TIMING: 1-2 weeks












Step 3: Our design team drafts furniture layouts based on the decisions made above.

TIMING: 1-2 weeks

Step 4: Review your proposed workspace and make changes.

TIMING: 2 days-1 week, depending on the size of the project












Step 5: Following your final decision, we generate a cost proposal.

TIMING: 3-5 days

Step 6: If the cost proposal is not approved, we will switch out or remove products to hit the desired price point.

TIMING: 2 days-1 week












Step 7: Plans for purchase are approved and signed, purchase order is submitted, proposal and terms and conditions are signed, and deposit check is submitted (if applicable)!

TIMING: 3-5 days

Step 8: Order is entered into our system.

TIMING: 3-5 days

Step 9: Products are manufactured and shipped.

TIMING: 5-7 weeks

Step 10: Furniture is received, delivered and installed!

TIMING 2-4 weeks

From start to finish, the total project completion time is anywhere from 10-20 weeks, so the earlier you plan, the better we can serve you! Although, we can create tighter timelines to accommodate specific move in dates! Just be open and honest with us from the beginning and we will do our best to get you sitting at your desk in your new space on time.