Chair Traverse

Work and play don’t have to be on other ends of the island, and in fact, they shouldn’t be! In the spirit of good, clean fun, Interior Solutions is challenging our readers to attempt a “chair traverse” this month, using any chair around the office! See below for details on what you could score from completing this challenge!

Fact: companies that adopt a fun-orientated culture have…

  • Lower levels of absenteeism
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Less down time
  • Greater loyalty

Disclaimer: as with most things in life, its all about balance!

People are paid professionals, and people are playful humans — and promoting an office where both sides, and results, can flourish is the new age ideal. So let’s try out the idea — drill with diligence, drive with tenacity, party like rockstars!

Seeing that we’re already talking fun at work On that note, we can’t wait to see all of our Salt Lake City friends from the A&D community at our Graffiti Pro-Am tonight from 3 pm -5 pm! A good time (i.e., an ice cream truck and GoPro prizes) is guaranteed.

Through the end of next week, don’t forget to incorporate some fun into your day by crawling (or attempting to crawl) under your own chair! Send us videos of your successes, failures, and anything in between for a chance to win a rock climbing passes for 2!