Brent Kartchner

CFO + Partner

Responsible for directing company growth, client services and the people and finances related, therein.

With Interior Solutions since 1989 – One of our founders


Brent’s where wisdom and empathy intersect — and we’re thinking that point might be called “best boss around” or “leader” or “smart.” He’s a business man who puts people first, yielding a successful company with a crew who whole-heartedly respects him.

Brent’s consulted for construction, manufacturing, distribution, telecommunication, furniture and design business sectors. He speaks Spanish, sings, whistles (like all around the office, like all the time – love you, Brent!) and can do work on a 4-wheeler.

Certified Public Accountant and a member of the AICPA and UACPA professional organizations.

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Interior Solutions employees take to the camera to wish the company founders a Happy 25th Anniversary (2014)!
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