Scot Wilcox

President | Founding Father + Partner

Responsible for empowering employees, developing sales and navigating vision.

With Interior Solutions since 1991.


To know Scot is to know focus, honesty and commitment (it’s also to know every Excel trick and tip — snooze fest, amirite?! — but that’s neither here nor there). Scot’s the one to trust; we trust his word, count on his character, depend on his vision and rely on his direction. And he hasn’t let us down yet (though Christmas 2011 was a little scant…)!

Scot’s client-crazy, driven by deadlines (and the strategic, seemingly ceaseless planning that goes into meeting them) and the most passionate man we know…making for one incredibly dedicated, diligent human.

Camps, RZRs, fly fishes and golfs. Thinks he belongs in Breaking Bad/the U.S. presidency/the Mormon church/the Covey entourage/Van Halen. And women are confusing!?

Has the best wife on the planet.

I deliver on my word to establish trust and subsequently, mentor others through change.
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Interior Solutions employees take to the camera to wish the company founders a Happy 25th Anniversary (2014)!
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