Weapons Storage

Determining the proper weapons storage may seem daunting, but we can guide you toward the right solution with these 2 questions.

First, how are the firearms accessed? This opens the conversation to who has access and how we can best control the access, which segues nicely into the second question….

Is additional security required? Even if additional security is not required, this is a great time to consider other pressing concerns, like space and organization.

From here, everyone involved has a good idea of how to best protect the weapons, and we can start talking product differentiators. For example, Spacesaver’s Weapons Rack III is the right fit when the project requires flexibility for rooms with non-standard heights and widths. On the other hand, WeaponWRX is more of a cantilever type solution and can be mounted to walls, but has some limitations in height and width.





























Let Interior Solutions guide you through the weapons racking process! Give us a call to start storing smarter!