Gather Around the Table(s)

‘Tis the season of thanking and giving and gathering.

Since the beginning of time, people have been gathering around food and tables. And though we’d love to share food favorites now (like, have you tried —(do you have any snacks to put in here?! your trader joe bars??!!), tables, people and offices are more our forte, so…

Let’s talk Kimball’s Dock and KORE tables and National’s Footings which support intimate gatherings, laid back lunches, getting-down-to-business meetings and everything in between. Here’s a brief run down on each table’s defining features.

Dock Meeting













Dock has meeting spaces covered. It’s the go-to line for conference rooms of any size, and for café and occasional tables, too.














Besides being extremely easy on the eyes, KORE gets back to the basics. A sleek body and streamlined technology…what else do you need? (apart from a magic potion that lets us eat all the pie we want and maintain a sleek body of our own!).














Designed with flexibility and versatility in mind, the Footings collection of tables allows for mixing and matching of shapes, sizes, and configurations!

We’re more than happy to provide more details on any of the above tables! Just email, and we’ll get right on helping you.