Bring Back Lunch Break

Take a break! Three words you probably don’t hear as often as you should throughout your work week. The desk lunch is a pretty common phenomenon and laptops and cellphones make it easy for work to creep up on us after hours, too. While there are sure to be busy days when you just can’t escape your desk for an hour break, when you can make time, it actually pays off. A mid-day break gives your mind time to rest and you can refocus when you come back. A great way to encourage employees toward lunching away from their workspaces is to have an awesome breakroom!








Comfortable seating, plenty of table top surface and a fun color scheme make a breakroom seem like an entirely different environment than the rest of the office. For an added bonus, an open design breakroom can double as a meeting place when other conference rooms are occupied!

Check out some more photos below for inspiration and ideas, then give us a call when you’re ready to bring back lunch break!