Color and Branding in Office Furniture

In our commercial furniture world (where everything is rainbows and butterflies!), we hear a lot of questions about color, especially in the design and product selection process. Color represents a pop of personality, branding or culture in a workplace environment, and we understand its importance and implication in your office design. More specifically, we design to those elements…to building to your brand, catering to your success and fostering your culture and growth!

…and now regarding those color-based concerns:

A brochure of fabrics or finishes is never your be-all, end-all bounds! Standard fabrics, finishes, paints, veneers, laminates or woods – for starters – are showcased as options, but a custom run of any of the above is almost always possible! We have access to countless furniture and textile manufacturers that can work together to achieve the exact look you want! We’ve specified custom granite tops, embroidered cushions and seat backs, work station paints, seating fabrics and more to exactly align look and color with a company’s brand and culture, and we’d love to walk you through that process, as well!

We can also accessorize your workplace with throw pillows, art work and interior signage that speaks to your branding, culture, values or vibe! Check out a few of our office furniture projects below where color was used to add to the company brand and culture!


Yellow seating to complement break room back splash


Orange lobby seating to match company logo/colors


Navy and orange color scheme to add clean, uplifting energy to the workplace


Blue and green accents to match company brand colors

Please let us know how we can outfit your office environment to fit your company and color! We have showrooms in Utah and Arizona, and you’re always welcome there! Or, feel free to shoot us an email anytime!

Thanks for reading!

– The Interior Solutions Crew –

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