Effective Flex Space = Collaboration + Privacy

Flex space in an office environment is the result of a culture shift of how employees work and interact. Last month we discussed the benefits of an ongoing shift to a more collaborative environment and how to accommodate that shift with mobile, technology-equipped furniture. We also noted the need for privacy, even in an open bull-pen design.

Privacy is a requirement of effective collaboration.  For those extra demanding work projects, time to focus alone is critical to bring successful and well-thought ideas to the table.  Also, as technology becomes more mainstream, the likelihood of having confidential information on computer screens increases. A quiet space for focused tasks that accommodate sensitivity to visible, confidential information is becoming more important as cubicle walls come down and are replaced by lower or non-existent walls.


Privacy booths for calling or checking sensitive information

Some companies are allowing their employees to work virtually, as technology has allowed workers mobility and accessibility 24/7/365. However, working from home or another remote location generally isn’t the best solution to privacy; studies have shown that employees who solve the privacy issue by working virtually tend to be less engaged and feel a sense of disconnect from company culture. Energy and engagement are major players in a company’s culture, so to keep employees spending their hard-working hours in the office, in-office privacy options are a must.


High-back seating in an open environment creates a privacy vignette

To solve the problem of carving out privacy areas in a collaborative workspace, Interior Solutions offers several contemporary solutions that create private, highly efficient, focused work areas.  We offer privacy booths in both sit and stand heights; sofas with high backs where an individual or small group can have a quiet space to work or meet without the interruption of a buzzing office; movable walls to create fully enclosed, private rooms; iPad and phone booths and charging stations; and sound-masking accessories to further minimize distractions. Contact us to discuss your perfect workplace design of a mix of wide-open collaboration and privacy areas!


Canopy coverage adds sectional privacy in an open floor design