Emergency Room Evidence Lockers

Alongside Spacesaver, Interior Solutions is dedicated to designing an evidence processing and storage facility that maintains a secure “chain of custody.” This means that evidence from a crime scene and its associated documents are protected, and can be accessed by police officers during an investigation. If a secure chain of custody is not maintained, a criminal case can be disrupted by questions about the integrity of evidence.

It is particularly vital that Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners have a procedure in order to collect, document and store evidence in emergency rooms or other healthcare facilities. Spacesaver evidence storage lockers include refrigerated locker compartments for blood samples as well as non-refrigerated compartments for the storage of dried swabs. If clothing should be preserved as evidence, Spacesaver evidence lockers have a corresponding compartment for storage.












Evidence from sexual assault cases will either be released to police or to the state crime lab within a week of collection, depending on whether or not the victim chooses to press charges.

Whichever route the victim chooses, he/she can be certain that Spacesaver lockers have protected the evidence from the case.