Learning Environments in the Office

It won’t be long before summer fades out (may seem like an eternity for our AZ desert dwellers, though), and so Interior Solutions is phasing in back-to-school vibes — i.e., some inspo for learning environments right here at work!

Much like commercial furniture design has integrated relaxed, residential vibes into the office, we sometimes borrow from the education sector, too! Two reasons: 1) if we stopped learning after graduation, we would be sad, stagnant humans and 2) today’s classroom is dynamic, interactive and technology-driven — and who wouldn’t want that in an office space?! 

To support learning and personal growth, Interior Solutions is sending you and a friend to the class of your choosing – think yoga, painting, rock climbing, cooking, etc.! Read to the bottom for more on that brain-y giveaway, detailed after a break-down of different learning environments for your office space!

Training rooms for flexible learning 










The cool thing about learning is that everyone does it differently, and a setup of lightweight training tables and media carts allows for multiple uses throughout the same week, day, or even hour! Rearrange to your heart’s desire.

Huddle spots for impromptu team work, with BYOD charging stations










When it comes to teamwork, technology is a must! Integrate power/data charging stations so that your laptop never dies before your group’s idea! Oh, and BYOD = bring your own device for all you Curious George’s out there. 

Self-growth, with the option for shared ideas










The same space can have both collaborative and introspective functions! Chat it out around a whiteboard and media screen, and then send your work friends on their way to crunch some numbers at your desk solo!

Storage for prime space utilization 










Maximize storage space to keep training materials, client files, or *gasp* REAL BOOKS organized and accessible with high-density mobile storage. Spacesaver trims your storage “fat” by 50% and makes room for the training rooms and huddle areas we mentioned above!

Now for your homework assignment: to win the class pass of your choice, email msnyder@interiorsolutions.net with the type of learning environment your office could use…or tell us how your office is already effectively using one. We love learning how others work 🙂

Until next time, thanks for reading (more than just the Cliff notes)!

– The Interior Solutions Crew –