The Living Room

Teamwork doesn’t just exist on the court or in the outfield… Office environments need spaces and places for breakout sessions to facilitate teamwork, too!








A living room is the place in every home where conversations flow freely and without inhibition. The same design and layout can easily be transplanted into an office space to create the same open-for-discussion vibe. Conference rooms can sometimes make discussions feel like an “us vs. them” battle with the across the table seating setup, but in a living room, people can sit and gather in a circle and get comfortable, on more even playing terms.









villa-living-room-for web







The living room setup is perfect for brainstorming sessions between employees and negotiations with clients, alike. Psychologically speaking, people feel much more at ease sitting on a comfy couch than around a conference table or in a private office. When you’re ready to add a living room area for collaboration into your next office plan, give us a call and we can start talking couches and coffee tables!