Darin Jones

Director of Operations, UT & AZ


Responsible for building, managing and maintaining relationships with all trades involved in a project to ensure a common goal is communicated and achieved

With Interior Solutions since 2013.


Jonesy is our silver fox and golden boy — no one pre-plans a project or manages a construction schedule quite like him. He’s how we pull off the implementation plans we do…and our not-so-secret weapon that keeps clients and construction trades coming back for more.

Darin’s (almost) always good for a laugh (he can have a mood here and there — we’re working on it), is always good on his word, gives beyond convenience and operates without ego.

Golf. Utes. Fishing. Camping. Golf.

Too blessed to be stressed.


To be a student in all of my surroundings in order to gain understanding; to pass along information to others in an effort to help them be successful in all that they do.

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