Interior Solutions offers all the extras, accessories and furnishing forget-me-nots to maximize the beauty of your space! We have art work, wall decor, throw pillows and accessories that add pops of personality into the workplace!

For more functional pops, we’ll complete the picture with trash cans, recycling receptacles and chair mats. To help you maintain organization at your desk and throughout the office, we offer cable management solutions, storage and computer carts and desk accessories, like keyboard trays, desk mats and CPU holders.

Monitor arms are a total game changer in the way you work, and we offer all sorts of ergonomic solutions. Double or triple your screen counts, and watch your efficiency and productivity soar! Monitor arms = must-have!

Break-out areas for meetings and presentations are also must-haves in the workplace. Options like touch-down seating and mobile whiteboards, lounge chairs and TV screens can open up a work space to collaboration and culture, and we love designing areas that complement your business culture. Worried that sound will be an issue? We’ll bring white noise or sound masking solutions with us!


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