Vertical Storage & Carousels

Vertical storage systems do away with the seemingly inherent inefficiencies associated with storing materials like pathology slides or microchips - raw or finished and dry or refrigerated - and then locating them again. The automated systems improve accessibility to stored materials, increase user productivity, and raise retrieval precision and accuracy while maximizing the available vertical space.

Vertical Carousels / Rotomats: Up to 60 percent more storage capacity than alternative storage systems! Materials retrieved are brought directly to the operator to maximize efficiency. Each Rotomat is custom built specifically for its storage material; allowing for material size and weight, and virtually any container shape, insert, or tray.

Vidir Carousels: Designed to streamline the storage and retrieval process across different industries. Organize and store everything from tires and wires to carpet, textiles and paint cans in a carousel. Nothing hitting the mark? Interior Solutions can work directly with Vidir to create a custom carousel to fit your needs.

All carousels come with options like variable retrieval speeds and auto-retrieval.

Vertical Lifts: Maximize height and use available ceiling space to provide storage solutions and warehouse organization for a variety of industries. Vertical lifts effectively pull shelves down to the user. Shelved materials can be retrieved, removed and replaced, as can entire shelving units for expedited transfer of materials.


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