Sherri Newton

Sales & Business Development, UT


Responsible to her clients and industry trades to ensure that each project stays on task, within budget and true to the integrity of the job.

With Interior Solutions since 1997.


Sher’s our resident loud-mouth (though Amanda gives her a run for her money) and company staple. Her family feels like our family, and it’s been a life-long love (and irritating and sometimes dysfunctional —typical family) fest, and we can’t picture any of it without her. She’s at our core, and she’s good to the core.

Mom of the Year (on repeat). Football on repeat.

Regularly raises awareness and fundraises for childhood cancer treatments.

I work closely with others to listen and take their ideas and put them into a tangible format.

“Behind Sherri’s tough façade is an individual who is caring, compassionate, kind and thoughtful. Sherri has a unique vulnerability that people notice and appreciate. She brings a confidence to her team that is very much appreciated. And we can’t forget her ‘down on the farm’ sense of humor.”

– Craig Weston, Business Development

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