Classroom of the Future

It’s hard to believe that the first week of school is already here for most students and teachers! But luckily for them, the fun doesn’t have to end just because summer vacation did.

Unless you were a Type-A control freak like me in high school two of your favorite words (besides “class dismissed”) were probably “group work!” Now, group work is even more popular and even more essential to student learning styles because according to research at UNC Charlotte, the next generation prefers multi-tasking, is highly interactive and social, has a low tolerance for lecture style teaching and relies heavily on communications technologies to access information.


Pictured: Kimball Office Beo chair, Media cart, Poly chairs and Dock training table in an innovative classroom setting












Gone are the days of students rearranging their desks into a circle once a week for a group project. Collaboration is so key to student success that many classrooms are incorporating separate areas designed specifically for group thinking and working.


Pictured: a Kimball Office collaborative learning environment with integrated media technology












Interior Solutions is honored to be a part of the revolution that is “the classroom of the future” and we would love to work through the design process of a new school with you or lend a helping hand on a renovation project, too!