Designer Spotlight: Jennifer Reed, Babcock Design

Jennifer Reed Babcock DesignDesigner Spotlight: Jennifer Reed, Interior Designer – Babcock Design
An avid dog lover, and talented designer, we sat down with Jennifer Reed to find out where her inspiration comes from and what she sees happening in the world of design.
Who she is: “I am from a one blinking light, little farm town in the Midwest. My parents are still there, so I visit as often as I can.  I somewhat miss the humidity and being able to see for miles around me with no mountains to obstruct the view.  I have one sister, whose husband is in the military, so her and the kids are enjoying living around globe. I am married to a guy who makes me laugh almost every day, and we have two puppies that complete my little world.
I love to shop for anything but groceries; however, I do love to bake my husband and fur babies’ favorite treats, and even sometimes just to have cute cupcakes on my counter. I love to read on a rainy day with a good cup of coffee, and when it is not raining and cold, my puppies get any free time.  We love to be outside playing ball or out in the boat jumping in the water.  I hate driving, however find myself doing way too much of it lately.  In the midst of bumper to bumper love, I have recently discovered podcasts (welcome to 2004, I know!) which are making the drives into work and home every day not so bad.”
What she does: “I think I first fell in love with decorating; it was the thing my mom and I did together, along with shopping. We would go into department stores and spend hours looking at dishes and place settings, bed linens and accessories.  Anything to make our house “pretty”. That, along with my “OCD” of figuring the puzzle out, is how I landed here in design – programming and space planning, using color and texture to create interesting spaces, and then learning the rules of the codes that affect those outcomes. I do not take the responsibility and trust our clients put in my hands lightly.
I have been with Babcock Design since 2013, and in the Salt Lake office for just the last 9 months. I love this firm and the opportunities it brings – personal and professional growth, all types of projects to work on, and owners who just believe.”
Trends she loves: “The one trend I am loving right now….maximalism.  It is not something I have fully embraced on a personal or professional level just yet, but I love the idea of over the top interiors.  From mixing patterns and textures to colors and metals, I think this could bring some life and interest to spaces that we have for quite some time now thought “composed”, “neutral”,  and “minimal” to be the only answer.”