New Year, New Chair!

When you sit down to write your New Year’s resolutions for a happy and healthy 2016, include a healthy work place this year! Sitting down for eight hours or more a day can really take its toll on your neck and spinal alignment, but it doesn’t have to. Incorporating ergonomic furniture and accessories into your office space can improve employee’s health, which boosts their moods and increases their productivity. Ergo…what’s not to love?


While ergonomic keyboards and sit to stand desks do their part to contribute to a healthier work environment, the most obvious place to start when adding ergonomics to your space is at the bottom, quite literally. Kimball recognizes this ground up approach to ergonomics, and that’s why they designed the Wish chair.


The Wish chair is designed to fit any body and any work space with its streamlined shape and adjustable height. If you’re looking for a balance between comfort and visual appeal, the Wish chair is the way to go. Its seat back is curved for maximum lumbar support and the options for customization allow you to choose the base, arms, and chair details that work best for you.

Give us a call or stop by one of our showrooms to have your ergonomic wishes granted!