Out With (Some of) the Old

Interior Solutions realizes that 100% new furniture or new storage may not be the best fit for every client and we are happy to integrate existing furniture and storage within a new space plan.

And just because we haven’t done it before, doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Take for example, one university’s integration of existing shelving with new Spacesaver carriages.

To make the competitor’s shelving fit on the carriages, and to increase the shelving’s stability, Spacesaver’s engineering team designed a gusset that fit between every other upright along the rows of shelving. The university’s library was able to repurpose old shelving, consolidate its collection, and still keep materials accessible and organized. The end result is an attractive, space-saving system that also resulted in significant cost savings.












The creative team at Interior Solutions is up for the challenge – give us a call for a free consultation on product integration!