Patient & Waiting Room Seating

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Maintain patient and waiting room warmth, comfort and cleanliness with Interior Solutions furniture and design that promotes all the above—plus health and healing! We provide both patient and waiting room seating that is charismatic and built for customized configuration! Patient and waiting room seating can be arranged and reconfigured with add-ons like ganging benches, chairs and tables. Antimicrobial seating fabrics and finishes limit the spread of germs…and they wipe-up and clean easily to combat any germs that do manage to slip through!

Our healthcare seating is made of durable materials with reinforced structure. Additionally, chair backs are specially designed and manufactured to prevent any scraping or damaging of walls upon contact. Our patient and waiting room seating serve to maximize the longevity of your space, allowing for the accommodation of all patients, no matter the length of their stay!

Finally, fabrics and finishes, arm design, seat edge and back types (and the list goes on) are all choices made by you, for your patients, facilitated by us.

Give us a call today! Or better yet, pay one of our showrooms a visit! We’re located in Salt Lake City, UT and Phoenix, AZ, and we’d love to plan your patient and waiting room seating solutions with you!