Spring Things + Breakroom Giveaway

April 9th UT snow and 90 degree AZ sun — spring is feeling a million miles away (as is happiness, amirite?!). If you’re like us (weird and loud), you’re itching for spring, but scratching in vain BECAUSE IT.JUST.WON’T.GIVE.

…but Interior Solutions does give, so here are three springy things you can welcome until the sun shines (or settles, for our AZ crew). We’re also offering a bonus fourth give in the form of a SPRING BREAK-ROOM GIVEAWAY! Read on.

1. Spring flings: Break up with nailed-down

The Kozmic collaborative collection from National Office is a no-strings-attached solution for all the non-commitals out there; its placement is never permanent, and it can easily be reconfigured at whim and will. Here’s to movement, to sitting, leaning, standing or perching…because no one’s going to tie you down. We get it. Loud and clear. You’re, just, “not there yet.”

And until you get there, we’ll feed the fling and offer an even more impermanent solution: Swiftspace stations! These movable workstations can be set up in two minutes flat and find great application among fast-growth start-ups, seasonal gigs with temporary employees, and pop-up health clinics!


2. Spring flowers: Send a silent message

Even the best of relationships aren’t all “put your tulips next to mine
?” 100% of the time — how boring that would be! — and relatedly, the most culture-loving office can’t be all party all the time (we would know). Cue Kimball Office KORE mobile carts to create serious-time privacy panels and meeting and noise barriers. Mobile carts can be designed with acoustical panels, marker boards or media screens, depending on intended use and function.


3. Spring cleaning: Open the windows (of the heart)

Create a conversation safe zone with Kimball Pairings! Its no-fuss design and residential vibe creates a “family room feel,” translating to open and honest conversations where human connection is always priority.


Now to giveaway time! In place of the spring break we didn’t take, we’re giving one lucky company a spring break-room upgrade! Shoot us an email with what your company is missing in its breakroom (a fully-stocked fridge, an espresso machine, café tables, bar stools, etc.), and you’ll have a chance to make your breakroom dreams a reality!

And Utah readers — our annual Cinco de Mayo lunch fiesta (05/05/17) is coming up, so please save the date! Felipe will be here with his taco truck…and we’ll be here, ready to party. Official invites coming.

As always, thanks for reading!
– The Interior Solutions Crew –