The Right Space Recruits Life

We’re in for a treat today! Ashley Mendívil in our Human Resources Department has guest authored a post for us…and in it she talks space, recruiting, recruiting to outer space (kidding), and how both yield life in the workplace! Per usual, thanks for reading!

And now cue Ashley!

“I have worked in the human resource field for ten years, dabbling in various aspects like benefits management, payroll, training and recruiting.  Each of those angles has equipped me with a wealth of knowledge, but the area that stands out as being critical in my professional growth is recruiting. 

Even if you’ve never recruited or interviewed candidates for vacant positions, you likely know what it’s like to sit at the other end of the table. Once the excitement of the initial call for an interview fades, anxiety is heightened.  You arrive at the business and are struck by the exterior.  You immediately focus on the layout—the landscaping and parking, the entry way, the reception desk (or lack thereof), and who may or may not have greeted you.  You notice the handles on the doors, the wall colors, the curtains that drape the windows.  Each of these items not only help ease your nerves, but gives you an impression of the company, whether realized or not. 


When I was given a tour of Interior Solutions, not only did the staff stand out to me, but the amenities of a vivacious kitchen and break room did, as well.  The bright colors of the stools and booths were such a change of pace to the “normal” break rooms I had seen before.  The large, welcoming main conference room with a prominent table stood out as the place where I would hold many interviews.  And then there was my desk! It was situated in the heart of the showroom so I could not only get to know my fellow team members, but be easily accessible (and non-threatening!) to them. 

Interior Solutions understands the impact of each of those interior and layout elements on people, whether it be in an interview, showroom or traditional work setting.  We are space creators.  We assist in welcoming your current and future team members to the company table—to the space you’ve dreamed of and finally brought to life.  We help to welcome your clients with bright entryways and meeting areas that invite ideas and creativity.  We help you to use space to communicate your company’s short- and long-term goals so that your clients and team members can better understand who you are.  Sure, we don’t specialize in human resources (that’s my job, after all!), but we do specialize in recruiting vibrant life into your space!”

– Ashley Mendívil, HR, Interior Solutions